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Get ready to dig into the world of innovative, must-have products with our latest roundup, the Tip Jar. In this intriguing collection, we’ve gathered a diverse range of items that are designed to make your life easier, more efficient, and much more enjoyable. From tech gadgets to lifestyle accessories and beyond, let us help you discover the standout products that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spark in your routine.

The Top 10 Best Tip Jars

  1. Clear Plastic Tip Jar for Easy Money Collection — Clear and compact plastic tip jar, perfect for bartenders and register areas, with a convenient removable bottom for efficient money handling.
  2. Valencia by Mike + Ally Charcoal Glossy Q-Tip Jar — Introducing the sophisticated Valencia Round Q-Tip Jar by Mike + Ally, available in glossy charcoal and elevating your tip jar game in style!
  3. Customizable Donation Box for Bartenders & Retailers — Customize your tip jar with Hygge & Sage’s secure, multipurpose wooden lock box, featuring interchangeable signs and unique wood grain design, perfect for bartenders and all occasions.
  4. Attractive and Practical Tip Collector for Bars and Restaurants — Simplify your tip collection process with our stylish and secure glass tip jars, perfect for bars, restaurants, and musicians to easily boost your daily earnings.
  5. Retro Star Tip Bucket Money Jar for Street Performers — Add a chic touch to your bar, club, or performance space with the Tip Bucket Metal w/stars design — a retro, stylish tip jar perfect for all venue types!
  6. Secure Tip Box with Lock Combo and Clear Acrylic Design — Secure and stylish, the Wall Mount Tip Box provides a convenient solution for collecting donations or tips, featuring two locks for ultimate security and acceptance of master keys.
  7. Black Acrylic Tip Jar Suggestion Box — Elegant and durable, the Black Donation Box Tip Jar showcases ballot suggestions and keeps donations secure in its 6" acrylic cube design.
  8. Tablecraft #812 Tip Jar Pack of 2 — Perfect for Cash Collectors — Get two Tablecraft #812 Tip Jars, each featuring an anti-theft bottom, for your service or establishment.
  9. Clearsighted Plastic Tip Jar for Effortless Tips — Experience the perfect balance of durability and style with Co-Rect Plastic Tip Jar, offering easy access for deposits and secure protection from theft.
  10. Secure Steel Tip Jar with Combination Lock for Collecting Donations or Suggestions — Secure your collection of donations, suggestions, or tips with the POCHAR D8H Locking Tip Box — a heavy-duty steel solution featuring a combination cable lock and slot for coins, bills, and more.

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Clear Plastic Tip Jar for Easy Money Collection

Clear Plastic Tip Jar for Easy Money Collection | Image

I recently discovered these plastic tip jars, and let me tell you, they’ve been a game-changer behind the bar. Measuring at 10.5 inches in height with a 3.5-inch base diameter, they’re the perfect size to blend in with the crowded counter area without drawing unwanted attention. The clear plastic design adds a touch of class to any establishment, making it easy for customers to see their generous tips.

What truly sets these jars apart is their removable bottom, which makes it a breeze to collect the day’s earnings at the end of a busy shift. It’s a convenient and practical feature that I’ve come to rely on. However, I do wish they came in different heights to accommodate various bartending styles and counter heights.

Overall, these no-logo plastic tip jars have become an essential part of my daily routine behind the bar, and I can’t imagine going back to the old ways of tip collection.

Valencia by Mike + Ally Charcoal Glossy Q-Tip Jar

Valencia by Mike + Ally Charcoal Glossy Q-Tip Jar | Image

I spent a few weeks testing out the Valencia by Mike + Ally Round Q-Tip Jar in a glossy charcoal finish. It’s a sleek and sturdy product that blends well with any décor.

The q-tip holder’s round shape might be a little hard to manage if you’re not used to it, but it stores q-tips compactly, helping to keep your countertops neat. The q-tip jar was easy to open, and it has enough space for multiple boxes, making it conveniently reusable. Overall, it’s a stylish, functional, and practical q-tip jar that deserves a spot in your bathroom or workspace.

Customizable Donation Box for Bartenders & Retailers

Customizable Donation Box for Bartenders & Retailers | Image

I recently had the chance to use the Hygge & Sage Customizable Donation Box in my daily life, and it quickly became one of my favorite items. Its rustic design not only looked great on my countertop, but also added a touch of charm to my space. The box itself is well-made and secure, thanks to the lock and slot that kept my coins safe from any potential theft.

One of the best features of this donation box is its versatility — I could use it as a tip jar, a money donation box, or even a suggestion box depending on the needs of the day. The interchangeable signs, along with the blank chalkboard one, allowed me to customize it easily and make it perfectly suited for any occasion.

However, there was one downside — the lack of water resistance. It would have been great if the box could withstand accidental spills, especially since it’s meant to be an essential part of your daily life. Despite this issue, the Hygge & Sage Customizable Donation Box still proved to be a valuable and stylish addition to my home.

Attractive and Practical Tip Collector for Bars and Restaurants

Attractive and Practical Tip Collector for Bars and Restaurants | Image

As a bartender working long hours, I’ve used many tip jars in my time, but this one stands out. Its stylish design and slim neck not only make it look great on the counter, but also provide an added layer of security against theft.

And, with its easy-to-use design, I don’t have to worry about interrupting my work to collect my tips. The tipsy tip jar has become an essential part of my daily routine, and it consistently helps me increase my daily earnings.

Retro Star Tip Bucket Money Jar for Street Performers

Retro Star Tip Bucket Money Jar for Street Performers | Image

This charming Tip Bucket metal container, featuring a stunning star design, is perfect for brightening up any bar, club, or street performance. With a diameter of 6 inches and a height of 5.5 inches, it’s the ideal size for collecting those much-appreciated tips.

Its attractive appearance and cool retro feel add a touch of class to any establishment, making it a popular choice among musicians, bands, street performers, and bartenders alike.

Secure Tip Box with Lock Combo and Clear Acrylic Design

Secure Tip Box with Lock Combo and Clear Acrylic Design | Image

The Wall Mount Tip Box is an ingenious solution for accepting tips, donations, or raffle tickets. With dimensions of 6 inches wide, 10 inches high, and 8 inches deep, this clear acrylic box is not only practical but also visually appealing. What sets it apart from the rest is its durability and security. It features two separate locks, one for the bracket and one for the cash box, ensuring that your valuable contents stay safe and secure.

A popular choice among casinos and retailers, this tip box transforms the way you collect donations or tips. Its versatile design allows it to be mounted on any vertical surface, making it a convenient option for businesses and people seeking a hassle-free way to collect funds. The unique keyed design of these tip boxes ensures that each one is different, but they can still accept a Master Key (sold separately).

This Wall Mount Tip Box, though easy to clean, must not be treated with ammonia-based products to maintain its durability and clarity. Its sleek and modern appearance makes it an attractive addition to any space, while its functionality and security features make it a top choice for those in need of a reliable tip or donation box.

Black Acrylic Tip Jar Suggestion Box

Black Acrylic Tip Jar Suggestion Box | Image

This sleek 6-inch cube black donation box is a must-have for any event or gathering that encourages donations or suggestions. Made with durable acrylic, it feels sturdy in hand and looks chic on any table. The locking mechanism is an added bonus, ensuring secure ballot submissions.

The PROP 65 warning may seem daunting, but in my experience, I never felt uncomfortable using the box. It’s a versatile and elegant choice for any occasion.

Tablecraft #812 Tip Jar Pack of 2 — Perfect for Cash Collectors

Tablecraft #812 Tip Jar Pack of 2 - Perfect for Cash Collectors | Image

The Tablecraft #812 Tip Jar, available in a pack of 2 pieces, is a stylish and functional addition to any dining table. With its distinctive removable anti-theft bottom, it provides an extra layer of security for your coins and keeps them free from falling out. It’s designed to be round, making it a perfect fit for most dining tables, and measures 12.1 x 7.0 x 3.7 inches in dimensions.

Although it is not dishwasher safe, the Tip Jar is made to withstand regular handwashing, ensuring its durability and longevity. Despite having a 0.0 rating and no reviews, the Tip Jar promises to be a reliable and practical accessory for any dining experience.

Clearsighted Plastic Tip Jar for Effortless Tips

Clearsighted Plastic Tip Jar for Effortless Tips | Image

As a writer, I came across the Co-rect Plastic Tip Jar Clear in my everyday life. I was immediately drawn to its sleek design and the ease of use it promised. The plastic construction turned out to be quite durable, allowing it to last through the constant handling it’s subjected to in various settings.

What impressed me the most was the removable bottom, which made it simple to clean and maintain regularly. Its small opening made it less accessible for unwanted hands, making it a reliable choice for businesses concerned about theft. The substantial size of the jar allowed me to keep a generous amount of cash and coins without having to worry about it overflowing.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks that I noticed during my time with the jar. Firstly, the jar seemed slightly challenging to open due to the plastic construction, which made accessing the contents a bit more complicated than usual. Additionally, the large size of the jar made it slightly harder to store in tighter spaces.

Overall, the Co-rect Plastic Tip Jar Clear proved to be a high-quality product with a versatile design. Its durability and easy cleaning process made it a standout option for various establishments looking for a reliable tip jar.

Secure Steel Tip Jar with Combination Lock for Collecting Donations or Suggestions

Secure Steel Tip Jar with Combination Lock for Collecting Donations or Suggestions | Image

I recently came across the Pochar Steel Locking Tip Box, a heavy-duty and secure way to collect donations or suggestions in my local restaurant. The first thing that caught my attention was its sleek, modern design that blended seamlessly into the ambiance of the place. The locking mechanism was another standout feature — the combination lock was easy to use, while the key lock provided an added layer of security.

The box itself was sturdy and well-built, with a robust steel exterior that felt durable and reliable. Its impact-resistant board ensured that the contents would remain safe even if someone attempted to force open the box. One of the best things about it was the wide slot at the top, which easily accommodated coins, bills, checks, and even business cards.

However, there were a couple of downsides as well. Firstly, the box isn’t water-resistant, which could be a problem if it’s placed near a water source or in an area prone to spills. Additionally, the combination lock came with a set of keys, which might not be the most ideal situation for some businesses.

Overall, the Pochar Steel Locking Tip Box proved to be a sturdy and reliable solution for collecting donations and suggestions in a secure manner. It could be a valuable addition to any business looking to enhance its customer experience and support worthy causes.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to setting up a tip jar, there are several important factors to consider. Whether you’re running a small restaurant, bar, or any other establishment where tips are common, having the right tip jar can make a significant difference in the overall experience for your customers and employees. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll outline the key features and considerations for choosing the perfect tip jar for your needs.



Tip jars can be made of various materials such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, or even ceramic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your establishment. Stainless steel and ceramic tip jars are both durable and long-lasting, while glass jars can be more aesthetically pleasing. Plastic jars are generally inexpensive but may not be as practical in a busy establishment due to the potential for scratches and damage. Make sure to consider the environment in which the tip jar will be used and choose a material that fits your needs and aesthetic preferences.


The size of the tip jar is another crucial factor to take into account. A jar that is too small may not hold enough tips, while a jar that is too large may look out of place or take up too much counter space. Consider the average amount of tips you expect to receive in a day or week, as well as the available space where the jar will be placed. A standard size for many tip jars is around 8–10 inches tall, but you may find that a taller or shorter jar works better for your specific situation.


Ease of Cleaning

Ensuring that your tip jar is easy to clean is essential, especially in a busy establishment. Look for tip jars with smooth or non-porous surfaces that can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth or sprayed with a disinfectant solution. Glass and ceramic tip jars often require more careful handling when cleaning, so it’s essential to consider the time and effort required to maintain the jar in a clean and hygienic condition.

Style and Aesthetics

While the practical aspects of a tip jar are essential, don’t forget about the importance of style and aesthetics. The tip jar should complement the overall look and feel of your establishment, while also attracting customers to leave tips. Consider the color, design, and overall appeal of the tip jar when making your selection. A well-designed tip jar can help create a positive atmosphere and encourage more tipping, which benefits both your customers and employees.



What is a tip jar?

A tip jar is a receptacle used to collect tips or donations. It is often used by businesses, charities, and individuals who rely on tips for their income. A tip jar can be a simple container made of glass or metal, or it can be a more elaborate design, such as a piggy bank with a slot for inserting coins or bills.

Tips are typically given by customers who appreciate the quality of service they receive. For example, a tip jar may be placed on a counter for customers to drop coins or bills into when they are satisfied with the service provided by the establishment. In some cases, a tip jar may be accompanied by a sign that encourages customers to leave a tip or suggests an appropriate amount.


What types of businesses use tip jars?

Tip jars are commonly used by businesses in the service industry, such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and salons. However, tip jars can also be found in other types of establishments, such as schools, non-profit organizations, and religious institutions. In some cases, a tip jar may be used to collect donations for a specific cause or event.

The use of a tip jar is often seen as a way for customers to show their appreciation for the service they receive. It can also be a way for customers to provide financial support to the business or the individuals who work there. In some cases, a tip jar may be used to supplement the income of the employees, especially in industries where employees rely on tips as a significant portion of their earnings.

Are tip jars legal?

Yes, tip jars are legal. However, there are some regulations and guidelines in place to ensure that the use of a tip jar does not violate any laws or create unfair competition. For example, in the United States, the minimum wage laws prohibit employers from using tips as a way to reduce their payroll expenses. This means that employers must pay their employees at least the minimum wage, even if they receive tips.

In addition, businesses that use tip jars must clearly display signs that indicate the purpose of the jar and the amount of tip that will be given to the employees. They must also ensure that the tips are distributed fairly among the employees who are eligible to receive them. This helps to prevent any unfair practices, such as preferential treatment or discrimination based on race, gender, or other protected characteristics.


How can I design a tip jar?

Designing a tip jar can be a creative process. Depending on the type of establishment or cause you are supporting, you can choose a design that reflects the brand or message. Here are some options to consider when designing a tip jar: Choose a material that is durable and easy to clean, such as glass or metal. Select a shape that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, such as a round or oval shape. Choose a color that is eye-catching and matches the brand or cause. Consider adding a handle or slot for easier access.

You may also want to add a sign or label to the tip jar that explains the purpose of the jar and how the tips will be used. This can help to encourage customers to leave a tip and can also help to ensure that the tips are distributed fairly among the employees. Finally, make sure to keep the tip jar clean and well-maintained to ensure that it remains an attractive and useful feature in your establishment or event.

Are there any alternatives to a tip jar?

Yes, there are alternatives to a tip jar. For example, businesses can use electronic payment systems to collect tips or donations. This can include using mobile payment apps or online payment platforms that allow customers to make a donation using their smartphone or computer. In some cases, businesses may also collect tips or donations through text-to-donate campaigns or social media.

Another alternative to a tip jar is to encourage customers to make a donation directly to the charity or cause of their choice. This can involve providing a list of charities or causes that the business supports, along with a link to their website or donation page. This approach can be more effective in terms of raising funds for the charity or cause, as it allows customers to choose the organization they want to support and to make a larger donation if they wish.

How can I promote a tip jar?

Promoting a tip jar can help to increase the amount of tips or donations that are collected. Here are some ways to promote a tip jar: Use social media to promote the tip jar and share updates on the amount of money that has been collected. Create posters or flyers that explain the purpose of the tip jar and how the funds will be used. Offer incentives, such as a discount on the customer’s next visit or a prize drawing, to customers who leave a tip.

Encourage staff to engage with customers and thank them for their tips. This can help to create a positive experience for the customer and may encourage them to leave a larger tip or return to the establishment in the future. Finally, consider partnering with a local charity or non-profit organization to further promote the tip jar and raise awareness about the cause.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.